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10 tips, thin waist at any time to reduce belly

10 tips, thin waist at any time to reduce belly

You can burn fat anytime and anywhere with the right method. After 28 days, you can wear the fitted pants hanging in the cabinet.

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In fact, the squid is better than you think. Ossen, a professor at the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science at Auburn University in the United States, once said, "With the right method, the waistline will definitely give you a return."

▼ belly fat like a current deposit, the most easy to extract, the best thin  

Because belly fat is the first excess fat accumulated in the body, it is most easily consumed. "It is like a current deposit in a bank. If you have extra money, you can deposit it at any time. When you need it, you will take it out first." Liu Canhong is like this metaphor.

The most accurate and effective way to lose weight is to lose weight. Many people only lost 1 to 2 kilograms and found that the waist was thinner and the tight jeans hanging in the cupboard were worn.

Winter weight loss can get rid of fat and thin reincarnation Winter is the key moment to decide whether you should be a thin or fat person forever. The average person is accustomed to weight loss in the summer, and when he wears it in the winter, he is relaxed and begins to eat and drink. He is thin and fat, and he can't get out of the cycle of weight loss for a lifetime. However, in fact, the amount of activity in summer is large, and it is easy to lose weight. It is changed to winter weight loss. In the summer, it will naturally become thinner. "Your weight will be like going down the stairs, and it will be thinner every year," said Liu Canhong. .

Do this, consume fast: aerobic exercise every 10 minutes, cumulative is just as useful  

Fat burning requires oxygen consumption, and should be based on aerobic exercise, including walking, jogging, aerobic dance, cycling, swimming, etc. Zhao Minru, the coach of the new starting point sports center of Tai'an Hospital, said, don't be afraid that you don't have time to exercise, because it is as useful as finishing. You can walk 20 minutes on the way to work, climb the stairs at 10 noon, and go jogging for 20 minutes. Liu Canhong suggested that people who plan to lose weight should be able to accumulate exercise for 60 minutes every day.

▼Do not move, burn prosperous: do 5 minutes of muscle strength training, fat double burning  

If you still want to build a "easy lean body" that is not afraid of getting fat, it is best to add strength training, such as standing up, lifting dumbbells, sit-ups, half-squatting, and interactive jumping. As the muscle mass increases, the basal metabolic rate increases. After 12 weeks of continuous training, you can increase the muscle weight by 1.36 kg. The calorie consumption is increased by about 15%, which is equivalent to 300 calories per day and 1 kg per month.

This kind of exercise also has a "combustion effect" like a fire, which causes the body to secrete "growth hormones" and break down the fat into a state that is easily consumed. Japanese scholars have found that high-intensity anaerobic exercise before aerobic exercise can increase the fat burned by aerobic exercise.

Moreover, although anaerobic exercise mainly consumes muscle liver sugar as a proportion of energy, when it stops to rest, the body will increase the proportion of using fat as energy, said Wu Bohan, professor of the Leisure Sports Health Department of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.

A recent study by Skidmore University in the United States also found that people who added weight training outside of aerobic exercise lost four times more abdominal fat after 12 weeks than those who only had aerobic exercise.

▼Do this, hoard the least: 500 cards a day to replace with food, without sacrificing food  

Although it is temperate to eliminate the "waist meat" diet, it is absolutely unnecessary to go hungry. As long as you know how to replace food, you can easily achieve the goal of eating 500 calories a day.Please pick out the two foods that are the most fattening in your diet every day and switch to a sugar-free, high-fiber light food. For example, change the breakfast tea or sugary drink into black coffee, sugar-free green tea, or change the bread, omelet to oatmeal, corn, baked sweet potato, or vegetable sandwich.


Whether it's to eliminate belly fat, protect cardiovascular health, or to show off amazing body in the end or New Year's party, in addition to the above methods, "Health" also provides 10 to let you reduce waist and thin at any time. The secret of the lower abdomen.

1. Eat more fiber

Most people know that eating more vegetables can increase satiety and help reduce weight, but many recent studies have found that taking more water-soluble fiber can help you reduce belly fat, and it is better for people with exercise habits. .A study published in the journal Obesity found that for every 10 grams of water-soluble fiber, abdominal fat is 3.7% less. If you do 2 to 4 times a week of exercise, the reduction in abdominal fat is doubled. .Zhao Qiang, a dietitian at the Taipei Mawei Hospital, said that water-soluble fiber can slow down the time of stomach digestion and make it difficult for blood sugar to rise quickly to stimulate insulin secretion. When insulin secretion is high, it is easy to make glucose into fat tissue and increase body fat.

How to do it:

  • Toast for oatmeal and multigrain bread
  •  Lunch for lunch is replaced by brown rice.
  •  When the meal is hungry, change the biscuits into apples and citrus fruits.
  • With a selection of carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and seaweed, mushrooms, okra, and aloe vera that are sticky and slippery.

▼ You can also do this. If your lower abdomen iscaused by constipation , in addition to water-soluble fiber, you can also eat more vegetables with more water-insoluble fiber and supplement lactic acid bacteria to promote intestinal smoothness.

2. Choose nuts, dark chocolate as a snack

The US Journal of Prevention refers to monounsaturated fatty acids as “slim belly foods” because it not only provides a good source of fat, but also lowers cholesterol and reduces the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. The Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center in the United States allowed overweight women to switch to a monounsaturated fatty acid diet. After 28 days, they used a tomographic scan to compare the body fat mass and found that the average weight dropped by 3.8 kg. 8.4 pounds), the amount of abdominal fat is also 33% less.

For this benefit, when you are hungry in the afternoon, please change the high-calorie biscuits into nuts or dark chocolate rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. When you eat the submarine fortune, you should also focus on black olives.
But nuts and chocolate are not low in calories. Nuts can be eaten one day. Chocolate should be as pure as black or cocoa should be more than 70%, and do not eat more than 200 calories.

▼ You can also do this. Other sources of foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids are:

(1) Vegetable oil: linseed oil, olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, and the like. One teaspoon a day, fried, grilled, and cold.

(2) Nuts: almonds, walnuts, melon seeds, peanuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc. 2 teaspoons a day.

(3) Avocado: Mix salad or directly into juice. One quarter cup serving per day.

(4) Olives: Pickled black olives are better than green olives. It is recommended to eat 10 or 2 teaspoons a day.

3. 3 cups of green tea a day has oil shear

A study published in the 2009 Journal of Nutrition found that green tea extract can reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat in the body. In subjects who were overweight and also exercised for 180 minutes per week, the proportion of fat decreased more in people who added green tea daily.

In addition, ecigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) in green tea polyphenols can also accelerate the rate of fat burning in the central nervous system. One study found that people who took green tea extracts consumed more than 10% more fat than the average person.
However, Zhao Qiang reminded that the "oil cutting power" of green tea to accelerate fat burning must be combined with exercise to play. If you don't move on the sofa all day, the fat can't be excreted, or you will return to the original place.

The US Journal of Prevention recommends drinking at least 3 cups of green tea a day.

▼Do this, the effect is doubled. The best green tea is better to ensure the purity. If you like citrus fruits, you can add some fresh lemon, citrus, grapefruit, lime and other juices when you make green tea. You use green tea polyphenols in green tea more efficiently.

4. Go faster than others next to you

If you are bet your friends who are having a fast stomach, use this method to make it easy for you to win the game: When you are on the road, try to speed up your pace, preferably beyond the people around you.
Because you can change the usual walking speed to fast walking, you can consume 27% more heat.
More and more studies have found that short-term, high-intensity exercise consumes more calories than people who use medium- and low-intensity exercise for a long time . It can also consume more belly fat for you. A sports test for older and obese people at the University of Arkansas School of Medicine found that people who consumed 1,000 calories a week and who exercised for a shorter period of time but had higher intensity had a one-fifth lower abdominal fat ratio after three months. 

People who are used to exercising in the gym, it is best to change the habit of watching a magazine or TV while riding a bicycle. Instead, increase the resistance, slope or speed, vigorously step on the pedal, and concentrate on enjoying the feeling of wheezing and sweating.

▼Do this, the effect is doubled. If you can, when you walk, swing your hands back and forth (or from both sides) vigorously, each time you swing higher than the heart, you can increase the heart rate faster and consume more heat.

I walked to and from work for a year without knowing how to lose 3 kilograms!

The average walk consumes 3.3 cards per minute and the fast walk is 4.2 cards.

Assume that the time for each trip to and from work is about 15 minutes, 5 days a week for work, and 3.35 kilograms for one year of walking; for fast walking, it can be 4.27 kilograms. Suppose that it takes about 15 minutes to go to work and 250
working days a year, then:

3.3 card × (15 × 2) × 250 ÷ 7700 card = 3.21 kg

4.2 card × (15 × 2) × 250 ÷ 7700 card = 4.09 kg

5. Brush your teeth, wait for the bus time to stand on one foot

If you have the opportunity to watch a ballet performance at a close distance, you can find that the dancer is tipping his toes for continuous laps. The most powerful part is not on the feet, but on the abdomen.One of the secrets of quickly flattening the abdomen is to make yourself unbalanced. Do some movements that need to maintain balance, like toes, turns, and half a squat, can also train the core muscles, make the muscles around the abdomen become elastic, look strong and flat.

Because the body is in an unstable state, if the feet can't give enough support, you must use the core muscles to avoid falling.
You can use your morning and evening to brush your teeth or wait for the bus and queue up to practice standing on one foot to enhance the fine core muscles that are difficult to use. Remember to train your feet together, use your left foot during the day and change to the right foot at night. When one foot is standing, the other foot is bent at 90 degrees (the thigh is parallel to the ground) and slowly raised, and the abdomen is forced to inhale as much as possible and raised above the waist.

6. Put your feet together when you are in a meeting

Changing your posture can also help you lose your belly. Now look at your sitting position, is it a hunchback, and your knees open outward?
Luo Jialin, a physician at the Taian Hospital, suggested that if you put your feet together, would you feel that the stomach is naturally more inflated? When you sit down, most people will put pressure on the spine, the abdomen and back will be completely relaxed, and the body and pelvis will tilt. Therefore, people who are sedentary can easily feel the belly, the buttocks, and the waist side loose. When the legs are close together, the abdomen needs a little force to train the abdomen and back muscles that are weak due to lack of exercise. Good posture, can support the organs in the abdominal cavity, improve the lower abdomen, the size of the clothes is also small.

If you are afraid of forgetting your back, shrinking your belly, and sitting with your feet together, you can hold a piece of paper and remind yourself in the middle of your feet.

▼ You can also do this. Abdominal deep breathing can stimulate the parasympathetic activity and relieve stress. When the abdomen is slow and deep, it will also apply to deeper muscle groups . Chinese medicine practitioners also believe that obese people often have problems with meridians and qi stagnation, abdominal breathing will bring gas into Dantian, "Dan Tian, ​​Qi Hai also", the gas is passed, the metabolism will naturally become better," Luo said.

7. Quit the hunchback

Senior aerobics coach Diji suggested that you can put your hand on the top of the head about 2 cm high, and then let the top of the head extend up to the palm, like the root of the body is pulled up by the portrait, and the shaft The heart is kept in the center. This posture allows the abdomen to maintain adduction and support the upper body weight with the core muscles.
Adjusting the axis of the body so that the center of gravity is not skewed can also improve the efficiency of body movement. Professor Chang Zhuzhi, who has directed football star Zhongtian Yingshou to exercise physical fitness, pointed out in his book "Learn to Keep You Skinny" that stabilizing the body's center of gravity to stretch and twist the abdomen, and to exercise deeper muscles . He relied on this principle of movement to lose 21 kilograms without strict diet control.However, Pan Jiayu reminds that people who are used to bending over and hunchbacks should always remind themselves to maintain this position, rather than occasionally, in order to let the body get used to using core strength. And doing so also helps reduce the burden on the spine and prevent lower back pain.

▼Do this, double the effect and find a towel or elastic band. Hold both ends and wrap around the back. Open your feet to the shoulders twice and wide your knees slightly, and slowly do the left and right parallel twisting. It can help you improve the skewed pelvis and train the center of gravity to be evenly distributed on both feet without offset.

8. Use dumbbells and bouncy balls to increase exercise efficiency

There is not much time for exercise, and some auxiliary tools can be used to allow the body to consume more energy in a short time.

● Dumbbell: It is about the weight of acid that you will feel after lifting 10 times. Repeat 12 to 15 rounds each time.
The study found that lifting a heavier dumbbell can increase calorie consumption by 25%, and can also increase the metabolic rate during sleep, so that you can try to become thinner while you are asleep.
Suggested match: The action based on the training of the leg muscles, including the half-bow position, the bow step, or the side lift leg.

These are actions that can be done anytime, anywhere without the need for equipment. Moreover, the amount of muscles added to the two feet accounts for 60 to 70% of the muscles of the whole body, and the fastest muscles from the body are the fastest.

●Bouncy ball: This kind of natural rubber or plastic bouncy ball (also known as resistance ball) is often seen in fitness or yoga classes. Using the principle of instability, when the hand or body moves on the spherical surface, in order to maintain balance, it is necessary to use more strength than usual, and the muscle groups that are not easily used will also contribute.

●Recommended with: Yoga platform or sit-ups, training for the core muscles is very good.

▼Doing so, the effect is doubled. It is strongly recommended to exercise while listening to music. Many studies have 

confirmed that listening to music during exercise can help you lengthen your exercise time and intensity, even burn more fat, and it is easier to maintain your exercise habits. Physical fitness coach Pan Jiayu said that especially when muscle strength training is tired and sore, listening to your favorite songs can help you stay. Suggested speed: The muscle training is about 132 to 136 bpm, such as: sorry sorry, and the tomb is also dare to go. Aerobic exercise is between 140 and 150 bpm, such as: Mike Jackson. When the bicycle is uphill or the resistance is strong, you can also choose to beat the heavier songs.

9. Go to bed early

This is the easiest of the slimming methods, but it is also the easiest way to do it. The Swedish study found that as long as the previous night did not sleep, the basal metabolic rate dropped by 5-20% the next day, which is equivalent to eating a bowl of rice or 10 dumplings (about 300 calories).

Sacrificing sleep time for surfing the Internet, watching TV, and catching up with work will reduce the body's metabolic efficiency. The food intake of the three meals will not increase, but it will become excess heat because of the depletion of consumption. It also causes stress hormones to rise and induce abdominal fat accumulation. If you only sleep 5-6 hours a day, today you will force yourself to go to bed an hour earlier, so you don't have to worry about how to cover the growing belly.

▼Doing so, the effect is doubled , taking vitamin B group, C and calcium, magnesium and other nutrients from food, which can 

help the body to relieve stress hormones and operate more smoothly.

10. Acupoint massage

Chinese medicine doctor Luo Yulin said that if you want to thin waist, you can also stimulate the acupuncture points through the meridians at the obesity, strengthen the metabolism of local fat, and achieve the role of local body sculpting.

● stomach convex caused by eating a big meal

Zhongyu point: above the stomach, four inches on the navel (three fingers close together and the width is folded twice) Efficacy: Eliminate flatulence, eliminate stomach and make the upper abdomen smaller.

● Abdominal fat accumulation caused by alcoholic drinking

Tianshu point: two inches around the navel (about three fingers together)

Efficacy: promote fat metabolism, but also promote gastrointestinal motility.

With a vein: the lateral waist, the lower edge of the rib and the midpoint of the upper edge of the pelvis, parallel to the navel

Efficacy: Helps eliminate waist fat.

● Lower abdominal obesity caused by endocrine disorders

Guanyuan Point: three inches below the navel (equivalent to four fingers and wide)

Efficacy: Improve blood circulation in the lower abdomen, help eliminate lower abdomen fat, and also improve gynecological problems such as menstrual irregularities and uterine cold.

▼ You can also do this. If you do n't press it with your fingers, you can use the smooth surface or chopsticks behind the ball pen to help, and it can stimulate the acupuncture more accurately.

● Do you do sit-ups every day, with a small waist?

Sometimes, it is not that the waist is thin and thin, but that you use the wrong method.

Wang Shunzheng, a professor of sports and athletics at the University of Chung Cheng University, said that sit-ups are muscle strength training, and most of the consumption is glycogen. It is only necessary to rely on it to eliminate abdominal fat. 

The effect is very limited. Even if I lay on the ground and do sit-ups for 200 times a day, although I have developed a six-piece muscle, the "squid belly" that covers the outer layer will still be there.

If you want to reduce your waistline, you should first do more exercise to the aerobic exercise of the large muscle group, such as brisk walking, flywheel, aerobic dance, etc., and then sit-ups as an auxiliary exercise. If a bottleneck occurs in aerobic exercise for a long time, it is reliable to sit up and increase the abdominal muscles and increase the basal metabolic rate. Or while slimming down, the sculptural curve, "like the effect of finishing the finishing touch," said Liu Canhong.However, Chinese medicine believes that sit-ups can help reduce abdominal fat accumulation. Because the abdominal force exerts a similar effect of deep massage, it stimulates the veins on the abdomen, and the stagnation of the meridians is not easy to accumulate dampness (including excess substances such as fat, water, waste, etc.).

● Shake the hula hoop every day, will there be a small waist?

"Muscle tissue can be trained individually, but fat can't be burned locally," said Wang Shunzheng. "Where to move where you want to lose weight" is impossible.

The hula hoop is mainly pulled by the waist and the legs, and the muscles are applied in parallel directions, so the amount of exercise is very low, and it is difficult to achieve the effect of the sculptural curve. Moreover, it is easy to cause excessive spinal pressure or spondylolisthesis due to improper application, especially for elderly people.

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