Which muscle groups swing the list. How to do a bar exercise at home 在家锻炼身体

Which muscle groups swing the list. How to do a "bar" exercise at home.

What is an exercise called "plank", what advantages it has on the body and the possible contraindications, how to manage the rack in different modifications.
Which muscle groups swing the list. How to do a bar exercise at home 在家锻炼身体

What is a list

Plank is a constant exercise. In doing so, the person makes no movement. However, under the weight of his body, he has a large number of different muscles : pressed, back, buttocks, arms and legs.
It should be noted that this exercise has many benefits:
  • These are just a few that allow you to lose weight quickly and get rid of the subcutaneous fat in the stomach completely.
  • It does not take much time to complete it (maximum 2 minutes per day).
  • To maintain the minimum space required.
  • You can perform with any physical training.
  • Universal - Suitable for women and men.
Thanks to many variations it allows you to strengthen different groups of   muscle For the modern man with the rhythm of his accelerated life, the "bar" has become a real boon, allowing you to save time on trips to the gym. That’s why it’s so popular.

However, you should pay attention to the contraindications to performing this exercise:
  1. During the first six months after childbirth and cesarean section, the bar is not recommended.
  2. With active diseases of the cardiovascular system and musculoskeletal system, the "bar" is not made.
  3. Presence of vertebral hernia or spinal cord injury - prohibited to stand at the bar.
  4. During periods of exacerbation of chronic diseases, training is postponed until a sub-compensatory state is reached.

Exercise What is the use of "plank"

Women are actively trying to lose weight and keep themselves well. It allows you to stand at the bar every day to solve many problems with the figure. You can see the result in ten days.

Exercise the “bar” for weight loss

Regular exercise exercises "plank" lose weight. This effect is achieved through the acceleration and normalization of metabolic processes in the body. It helps burn excess fat, and as a result - slimming.
To make an impact quickly and noticeably, you must adhere to several rules:

  • Excessive pounds of fat, smoked products, fast food, mayonnaise, ketchup, and chips are not going away. Therefore, they should be limited in their diet.
  • Your diet should include protein foods including whole grains, dairy products, lean meats and fish.
  • Compliance with the drinking regime. You should drink at least one liter of water (excluding tea and coffee) during the day.
  • Don't forget about fresh fruits and vegetables, which are especially abundant in the summer.
  • Don't try to limit yourself to sweet. A couple chocolates or chocolates won't ruin the result.
It is important to remember that increased physical exertion, combined with a strict diet, can stimulate the development of anorexia and lead you to a hospital bed.

What gives exercise a “bar” for different muscle groups

Plank is considered a universal exercise, involving all muscle groups. Its benefits are enormous. Performing this exercise every day will strengthen your press, eliminate those extra pounds, gain a lean figure, and significantly increase the overall tone of the body.
Planck allows you to:
  1. Make the buttocks strong and elastic. This effect is accomplished by the muscle tension caused by shrinkage. If you add the alternate height of the legs to the bar, then you can also remove the cellulite.
  2. Strengthen the back muscles, eliminate osteochondrosis, and strengthen the shoulders. In addition, the "bar" alleviates pain in the shoulder section, which often worries office workers who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  3. Strengthen all groups of leg muscles .
  4. Strengthen all abdominal muscles. In this case, just one "bar" is enough to maintain, and not a complete exercise. It is recommended to draw the belly for good effect and correct it until the end of the procedure.
  5. Strengthen the muscles of the arms without the appearance of large biceps. This is especially important for women who do not need pumped up weapons.
Furthermore, the "bar" guarantees to eliminate "orange peel" due to the active influence on the problem areas of the hips and buttocks. Thanks to deep muscle work, it is difficult to use in other exercises, excess fat is burned, and intracellular metabolism improves.
You can stand in the bar at any time of the day and after eating. The only thing you should pay attention to: physical activity in the absence of stability   Before doing this exercise, you need to stretch your muscles slightly.

How to Do Plank Exercise

There are several variants of the "board" exercise: the classic version, the side, the elbow, the complex version, with the Swedish ball, the V-shaped method, by lifting the arms (legs). Such diversity makes it easy for anyone to choose the best route. At the same time, they are identified not only by the technique of execution, but also by the burden they place on the body.

Proper exercise "bar" in the classic version

The classic version of this exercise is as follows. It is necessary to rise on the outstretched arms from the "lying on the floor" position. At the same time, the back and the whole body should be evenly and straight. Strain and lock all the muscles, depending on the tips of the socks and hands. In this position, you should be there for a comfortable time for yourself. It is recommended to start with 10 seconds and gradually increase them to 2 minutes.
Highlights of the classic slot:
  • It is necessary to keep the heels together to increase the load on the abdominal muscles.
  • Do not bend the legs in the knees. Thus, you reduce the press load.
  • To increase all the muscle work you need to keep the buttocks tense until the exercise is complete.
  • Bending the lower back is forbidden. This results in an additional burden on the vertebrae of the spine and reduces the effectiveness of exercise.
  • The abdominal area is maximally pulled and held up until the end of the exercise.
  • Breathing should be smooth and calm.
  • Watch your hands carefully. Improper posture causes unnecessary stress.
Exercise time depends entirely on your physical abilities. It is necessary to perform 10 seconds at an early stage. With the right posture, even in such a short period of time, your body gets a heavier load . Gradually, the “standing” time should be increased, bringing it to 2 minutes.
If you have a lot of physical training, then you should prefer a more complex version of the list.

How to do a "plank" exercise on the side

The side "bar" is one of the variants of the classic version. To handle it, you have to take the starting position. To do this, lie down on the floor, turn on its side and lift your body on the outstretched arm or elbow. In this case, you should keep all muscle groups (gluteus, leg, abdominal muscles) in a tense position. Your palms should be a line with the shoulder. The legs should be straight and straight. In this embodiment, the body has only two points of support: the lateral line of the foot and the palms. Don't roll on its side. Try to keep your body level without bending. Your breathing should be equal and calm.This exercise is heavier than the classic "bar." This affects the same muscle groups as the first choice. For a beginner, however, its implementation is a difficult task. Therefore, it is best to use this option with good physical training.

Lead time depends on individual ability. In the initial stage, 10 seconds is enough. Then the "standing" time should be increased.

How to perform a "bar" exercise on the ball

You can change the exercise and use the Swedish ball for fitness. You should lean with your hands outstretched on the floor, and place your legs on the ball. Tighten all muscle groups and adjust the position now, as in the classic version. Carefully follow the location of the palms. They should be parallel to the shoulders.You can complicate the exercise and try to get off the ground. If you fail, keep the position as much as you can.“Plank” on the ball can be done the other way around. Bend your elbows and rest on the ball. Roll it forward until your body is completely straight. Fix the position and stay in it for as long as you can.

When exercising on the ball, be sure to flex the buttocks, legs and abdominal muscles. Be sure to follow the breath and do not overdo the body. Otherwise it could end badly. Beginners should start with 10 seconds, gradually increasing the time.

The effect of an exercise "bar" when performed properly

If you serve the bar according to all the rules, you will notice how your stomach, arms and legs have changed after a couple weeks. However, a positive result can only be achieved if simple recommendations are followed. If not, you may earn more problems than you can take advantage of.

What is the effect of exercise:

  1. Exercise is perfectly stable and since you do not perform any actions, you should take the right position and correct it.
  2. It is best to choose a place for exercise, a soft mat or a rugged floor. After all, the skin of the hands is tender, you should never hurt her again.
  3. During exercise, your spine should be completely straight and your body will look like a straight line. The cheeks should be placed at right angles to the spine and the eyes should be ground.
  4. Elbow Position - Strictly below the shoulders. This avoids the extra burden on the shoulder blades. The brushes connect in front of the eyes so that the hands form a triangle. When exercising, remember that the hands are only fulcrum, so they should not be stressed.
  5. When exercising, pay attention to the stomach. Tightening is necessary. The press muscles should be tense, not free to hang. Hold him in this position for as long as possible.
  6. Most questions are the position of the back while bar. Beginners make the mistake of fixing the spine. Because of this, there is a deviation in the lumbar region, and the vertebrae begin to feel a load, which should not be. Experts recommend standing first, and then the bar to fix the spine. Pressing the virtual on the back of a chair or wall helps very well.
  7. Exercises allow for tension in the gluteus and leg muscles to relieve tension in the back while exercising. When performing this action, you activate deeper tissues, which are very difficult to pump. Do not bend your legs, do not drop them on the floor, try to keep the body in one line.
  8. Not to forget about the feet. In this exercise, he plays the role of Fulcrum. Want to increase the load, put them together. 
If you want to reduce it, keep your feet shoulder width apart.
You should not forget about proper breathing when operating the bar. It should be smooth and quiet. Do not delay it. It can trigger an increase in pressure and cause redness of the face.

Results of the "Plank" Exercise

Exercise results don’t have much time to come. After a couple of days, you will feel that your body is easier and more flexible. Of course, at the initial stage all the muscles are sore, but this pain indicates that they are working and are tense.The most significant effect from the implementation of this exercise can be observed within 10-15 days from the start of the lesson. The abdomen, buttocks and legs become more toned and stronger. Excess fat from the leaves of the abdominal cavity, 
decreases with the appearance of cellulitis on the legs.

There is no definite recommendation on how often you should be at the bar. You can exercise in the morning after sleep, and several times a day. You have chosen the execution schedule. It is best to exercise at the same time. It trains the muscles and allows you to get the maximum effect.